Does your neck stick forward? Here’s how to fix it!


There’s nothing uglier than bad posture, is there?


Not only that, bad posture also affects your mental state, produces headaches and makes you look old before your time.


And the #1 problem people have today is something posture experts refer to as…


“Forward head posture.”


This basically means that your head sticks out in front of your body.


(If you’ve noticed someone with this problem, you’ll know how hideous it looks.)


And the reason why this is happening to so many people today is because of our addiction to computer, tablets and SMARTPHONES


We spend our days hunched over these devices and eventually develop terrible posture.


This issue affects your neck and back, plus it produces a type of curved hump at the top of your back.


And all of this together makes you look weak, unhealthy and unsightly.


In addition to this, it affects your spine which will lead to problems with back ache later on in life. In fact every inch that your head thrusts forward, adds another 10 pounds of stress on your neck, shoulders and back.


Worst of all, this problem can make you look overweight.


You see, because you’re not standing up straight, your stomach sticks out making you look FAT. Plus it also makes you look shorter than you actually are…


…up to 2 inches shorter according to experts.


But this is also one of the easiest posture problems to fix.


All you have to do is work a certain muscle in your back, and in no time at all your neck and head will move into alignment with the rest of your body…


…producing that beautiful straight posture you’ve always wanted.


To do this all you need are these 10 simple exercises


They were devised by a national best-selling author and personal trainer. His clients work hard in the gym to sculpt and mould their bodies into physical perfection, and then it’s all undone by their neck sticking out.


He noticed how this would wreck their confidence, as well as sap their energy and mood.


So he created a DVD he calls Forward Head Posture Fix in which you can learn the exercises


With this DVD you can develop perfect posture in no time at all.


This will also help you move, sleep and breathe better than ever before.


Achieve the peak performance you’re trying to get in the gym, look younger and be more healthy go here now to get the DVD!